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Forest Fit Clubs operates within the esteemed locales of Somerley Estate in Ringwood and Parley Manor in Bournemouth, distinguishing itself as a premier outdoor training establishment, providing a comprehensive fitness experience. 

Catering to individuals who relish exercising amidst nature's elements, we embrace the ever-changing UK weather as both a blissful and challenging aspect of our sessions. While our core offerings revolve around cardio and circuit resistance classes tailored to accommodate various fitness levels, our expertise, spanning over 17 years, ensures a fulfilling workout experience for all abilities.

By championing the concept of outdoor fitness, FFC not only offers a refreshing departure from traditional indoor routines but also cultivates a strong sense of community and camaraderie among its members. An underlying ethos of enjoyment and freindliness, all set within our idyllic corners of Dorset & Hampshire.

A written testimonial of our outdoor fitness classes
A written testimonial of our outdoor fitness classes
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