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How did you hear about us?
"Our BUILD classes comprises of a whole-body workout, utilising traditional weight training exercises across the movements of push, pull, squat, hinge and press" 
~ Co-Founder, Morgan Leadbitter

“I am loving the new timetable. Have always preferred outdoor spaces to commercial gyms, you simply can’t beat the beautiful location. The addition of these strength classes really has bought our training to a new level! It’s great to challenge yourself, progress to higher weights and improve. As an early morning exerciser, I can now train 4-5 times a week, splitting my coached workouts between out and out lifting, running

and circuit type sessions.“

~ 5* Google Review, Laurenne Mansbridge

Forest Fit Clubs Bournemouth is nestled within the serene Parley Manor estate (Opposite the airport). Think open-air gym and outdoor fitness area. We offer a range of classes catering to individuals of all fitness levels and abilities. Fully coached exercise sessions encompassing weight training, circuit classes, mobility & function, steady & interval style cardio. 1-1 nutritional advice comes hand in hand with your membership. Our coaches are invested in making sure you progress.

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