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The perfect way to exercise
            in the great outdoors!

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Forest Fit Clubs offer the perfect alternative to indoor training, with our outdoor fitness classes. We operate on private estates in Bournemouth and Ringwood helping members enjoy their fitness, by keeping things simple . Our trainers ensure they cater for all fitness levels and abilities. That's why we have created an encouraging, friendly & social environment to train in. 

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Meet & Greet
The idea of trying something new for the first time can feel a little intimidating. Alongside our free trials, we offer a meet, greet and visit a session.
Meet FFC owner Joe Day, visit the site you wish to attend, be introduced to members & ask any questions you may have. Simple, easy and no need to participate on your first visit.
Following your meet and greet, you can make a more informed decision to start our Free Trial. There is of course, no obligation or contract. Click HERE to email us.

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What some members have to say....


Jess Lee a Forest Fit Club member

Jess Lee

In September 2013 I had been trying to get pregnant for a while and had just had a miscarriage, I had let myself go and was generally feeling quite down about life. I was recommended by some friends to try out Forest Fit Club as something different and by the end of my first session I was hooked! The welcome I had from both Joe and his regulars was amazing and what better way to start the day than doing exercise in the fresh air! With the help of Joe through FFC and monitoring my diet by Christmas I had lost just over 2 stone and was in the best shape I’d been in years! Then to top it all off the following month I found out I was pregnant.


Under Joe’s watchful eye I was able to attend sessions right up until I was 7 ½ months pregnant with him making adaptations to any exercises where necessary. Having kept my fitness up throughout my pregnancy I felt able to return to FFC 6 weeks after having my baby and start very slowly to train again and within 4 months I was back to my pre-birth weight. Now coming to the end of my second pregnancy I have once again been able to keep going to FFC till 7 months pregnant and have no doubt that (provided I can find the time with 2 under 2!) I will be back again later in the year and that Joe will do everything in his power to make it possible for me to reach my goals!

Andrew Magowan

I was reluctantly persuaded to join FFC in the summer with a weekly private session. Reluctance was based upon my fear of sharing my lack of fitness with others hence the private sessions. Now - my fitness is improving and I am loving the outdoor varied exercise approach that Joe provides. My confidence is upped and now ready to join FFC group sessions. This is fitness in the fresh air which is both good for the body and soul in equal measure. Good stuff!

Andrew a Forest Fit Club member
Alison a Forest Fit Club member

Alison Acland

I don't stick at anything unless I enjoy it and I have now been doing Forest Fit for about 6 months so that says a lot. It's fun, sociable and as effective as you want it to be. I feel much much fitter - so much so that I am doing the Bournemouth half marathon this weekend and the London Marathon in April (gulp!) - something I would never have entertained had I not joined Forest Fit. Joe is a brilliant trainer, full of knowledge and great company.


We all have a laugh but take the training seriously. He tailors each session to individual capabilities/goals so you don't feel you have to keep up with the fittest or wait for the slowest. Training in the beautiful Somerley woods is an added bonus - no traffic, no prying eyes, just fresh air and birdsong!

Andrew Sheerin

What a great way to exercise. Outside running around in Somerley estate - no MTV, no gym heads posing in-font of mirrors. People are really friendly and Joe sets sessions individually to each person capabilities.

Being outside and training is such a great way to begin or end the day.

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