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Personal Training


As well as group sessions, Forest Fit Clubs also offer 1:1 personal training. FFC offer personal training at either one of our sites in Ringwood and Bournemouth or at your home. These sessions carry benefits for members, over our group classes. You may have a specific goal that requires strict training and results, such as running a marathon, improving core stability for a sport or injury rehabilitation.

Personal training offers more flexibility than the standard group classes. You can choose more timings across the day to train, perform goal specific workouts and extended variety of exercises. Enjoy personalised plans, following a simple induction that can be in person, phone or video conference. We go through your goals, fitness history and answer any questions you may have. Before committing to sessions, we can also offer 30 minute taster sessions.


Personal training costs from £30.00 for a 50-60 minute session and our 30 minute taster workout is free of charge. Costs vary depending on how many sessions are booked at a time and any travel required by our instructors. To find out more information regarding our 1:1 programmes, please fill in the form below.

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