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Injury Rehabilitation


Small, safe, rehabilitative steps


Bringing you back to your full potential


As part of both our group sessions and personal training, FFC have a strong focus on both injury prevention and rehabilitation. Too often technique, exercise variation and exercise alternatives are overlooked, especially in a group class. FFC instructors ensure any current injury or issue is managed during each session. This could mean a power walk instead of a run or jog. A altered squat or lunge to accommodate a knee issue and low pressure arm exercises to manage a frozen shoulder.

We have come to call this a 'Session within a session.' With this method of training, we can accommodate all levels, abilities and injuries in our classes. Without the worry of conducting a poor workout for all attending members.

Forest Fit Clubs
Rehab & Wellness Collaborations

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Further more, FFC have collaborated with Physio Fitness to refer any acute injuries to be dealt with as professionally as possible. With this partnership, the road to recovery is covered firstly by Physio Fitness, who can liaise with our instructors to assist on accommodating the injury during our sessions. We work together to rehab your injuries and bring back your full potential. Being able to communicate together, there is no reliance on our members having to tell us their issue and potentially missing vital information. Please click here their logo above to visit the Physio Fitness website.  

The spine houses and protects our nervous system. The nervous system is what controls and coordinates ALL cells, tissues and organs of the body. In Flow assess, guide and tailor Chiropractic care to your body to allow it to heal and perform the way it was made to. At In Flow, this is accomplished in a unique, professional and comfortable setting. Working with FFC, patient care is extended during and after treatments. This allows for the best possible spinal health & wellness. Click here for more insight into In Flow Chiropractic.

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